Scales of War

21. Fortress Ironfell

3/9/09: All seven players made it tonight, and I was given a new wipe mat ~

Alain Cuthbert Rocannon – Human Warlord

Cedric – Dwarf Cleric

Devilock – Tiefling Bard

Dikari – Eladrin Warlock

Kesjhan – Dragonborn Fighter

Lia Cendoria – Elven Ranger

Mino – Minotaur Fighter

The adventurers were following a map that lead to a legendary lost dwarven mine called Karak. They had stopped at a town called Dunesend and disposed fo some agents of Shephatiah, the Queen of the Drylands. The heroes learned that the Queen inhabited the mine they were looking for…

The townspeople looked at the heroes with scorn for having caused problems with the Queen. The local cleric, Fawma Bruth, agreed to bring Alain back to life (he was killed by a behir last adventure). The ritual took 8 hours. The heroes rested at a caravansary run by the town leader, Lotho.

Lotho fed the heroes wild boar meat. Alain was brought back to life, and the cleric sold the heroes some potions of healing. Ready to go, the heroes got on their horses and headed south throuigh the desert.

The first day and night of travel was uneventful. The only setback were patches of soft sand, and dunes that were difficult to traverse.

On the second day, the heroes looked ahead and saw a figure emerge from a haze of wind-blown sand. The emaciated form of an elderly human female crawls towardthem on hands and knees, her face lined and sunburned beneath the hood of a ragged cloak. Her voiceraised against the wind, she called out: “Turn back! Nothing but death awaits you in the heart of the desert!”

Lia was wary, and noticed a figure lying beneath the sand behind the woman – a would-be ambusher. Lia shouted out “It’s a trap” and fired an arrow into the ambusher. The woman cackled and shifted into her true form, a hag. Three ambushers, razorclaws, rose up from the sand and attacked.

Kesjhan charged over the soft sand and engaged the razorclaws. Devilock used his bardic magic to send the hag stumbling into the soft sand. The razorclaws swarmed Kesjhan, but the dragonborn deftly parried their attacks. He then stepped back and breathed fire on them.

The hag teleported back, so that she could use her magic while the razorclaws kept the heroes occupied. Lia took aim at her and fired an arrow, cracking the hag’s collarbone (a critical). Devilock used another spell of mockery which nearly killed the hag. Dikari put the hag out of her misery with an eldritch blast.

The razorclaws became frantic, shifting in the sand and trying to use their riposte skills to cut down the warriors of the group. It didn’t work. The final one was annihilated by Dikari, a spell which also charmed the razorclaw. It died a moment later.

The heroes looted the corpses and continued south.

Two more days of unpleasant travel passed, and the heroes had arrived where the map indicated the lost mines were. They saw a fortress on a basalt pillar. The entrance hallway was blocked halfway through with a portcullis, and the walls were lined with arrow slits. Beyond the portcullis were huge stone gates.

Lia took a careful look at the hall. She saw dummies set up behind the arrow slits. On the ceiling, she saw a second portcullis raised but ready to drop by the stone doors. Cedric saw murder holes in the ceiling by the doors.

After a bit of discussion,. Kesjhan bravely made his way down the hall to the rusted portcullis. He reached down, and with a mighty heave pulled the portcullis up, causing it to slide into the ceiling.His allies watched on with concern, ready for an ambush.

Mino, Cevilock and Kesjhan headed to the stone doors, and the trap was sprung. Troglodytes perched in the room above the hall pulled a lever, bringing down the second portcullis. The pair was trapped between the door and the portcullis. The troglodytes began heaving javelins at the heroes through the murder holes, and the arrow slits. they also lowered the rusted portcullis, blocking Lia out of the hallway.

Mino tried the doors – something behind was blocking them. He reared back and drove his shoulder into the huge doors, sending them flying open. He headed around a hall that lead to a room with one of the troglodytes and a stairwell leading to the others.

Under a rain of poison spells and javelins, Cedric hoisted up the rusted portcullis, but the troglodytes shut it again before Lia could get through.

Dikari teleported into the adjacent hall that Mino had burst in to. Devilock followed Mino in, and used his spells to harangue the troglodyte from a distance.

Back in the hall, Alain looked up at the murder holes, and tossed a vial of alchemists’ fire. It missed it’s mark, and nearly came back down right on him. The others struggled to raise the second portcullis to aid their friends. Someended up firing through the arrow slits, as the portcullis was quite sturdy (DC 23 STR check to lift it)Then Kesjhan gave it a shot, and hoisted the thing all the way up to the roof 20 feet above.

In the side room, the trogs headed down the stairs and met Mino, at the base. Devilock made his way into the fray, and used his cape of the mountebank to teleport to the top of the stairs, where he was free to attack the Trog curse chanter.

Lia fired through the arrow slits, and sent an arrow into a vulnerable area (hmmm) of a trog, nearly killing it (a critical). Dikari killed it off with n eldritch blast. She continued launching spells that devastated the trogs, as Mino and Kesjhan clogged the stairwell.

Mino charged up the stairs, goring the next terog with his horns. Then, as it fell prone on the steps, he brought his maul down on it again… again… and again (he burned an action point, and alain gave him two more attacks with his warlord technical savvy). Dikari finished that one off with an eldritch blast.

The portcullises had come down again, and Alain tried to lift one.. he couldn’t get it up. Cedric helped, and together they raised it.

Kesjahn shifted his magic axe into a halberd, and tore into the remaining trogs. They were no match for the heroes.

The heroes paused to catch their breath. They were certain that the lost mines, and the Queen of the Drylands, waited below. They prepared themselves to take on the Queen’s horde.



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