Scales of War

46. Falling Rock

9/1/09: More of the Siege of Akma’ad this week. We are closing in on one real-life year of Scales of War… I’ll try and do something special for it. Maybe a delicious cake! Also I would like to say that my grey die was a bit cold tonight.

RPGA Sanctioning #: 09-08-2030191

Anjou Beurre *- Half-Elf Warden *Corth, Friend of Falrinth, Betrayer of Troglodytes, Whisperer of Lingering Spirits, Slayer of Sarshan, Harbinger of Critical Strikes, Puller of Chains *- Dragonborn Paladin *Galasis – Eladrin Wizard Mari – Human Sorcerer Reshkar *- Dragonborn Fighter *Storm – Razorclaw Avenger

The heroes were on an airship that had been rammed and boarded by the crew of another airship. Far below, the githzerai fortress of Akma’ad was being invaded by a githzerai army. Githyanki soldiers began to pour onto the heroes’ ship, led by Captain Iquel, a fierce warrior.

Mari fired off a chaos bolt, killing one of the githyanki myrmidons. Storm had made his way onto the githyanki’s ship, and found himself surrounded by enemies. He let out a thunderous shout that blasted them back, and killed one myrmidon with its’ electricity. He then cut into Captain Iquel, and teleported her and himself onto the heroes’ ship – Falling Force’s Flying Fortress. She nearly fell over the side, but grabbed onto a hanging rope, swinging herself back on the deck.

Anjou’s lightning pillar was still blazing. He sent forth thorn vines that wrapped around the prone captain, and dragged her through the lightning, devastating the githyanki. The captain broke free of the vines and sprang to her feet. She let out a psychic blast that immobilized Storm. Then, she ordered her men on her ship to fire the ballistas. Massive bolts soared through the air, both plunging into Galasis. The captain then teleported herself next to the injured wizard.

Galasis ducked a swing and began chanting. The githzerai at the ballistas were suddenly engulfed in a stinking cloud. One fell dead, and the other three dropped seconds later. Anjou took to the air, flying and landing next to Captain Iquel. A mindslicer telekinetically leaped next to Galasis, while Captain Iquel teleported away from him, and near Reshkar. Galasis turned to the slicer and cast a spectral ram, sending the githyanki over the side. The mindslicer snatched a hanging rope, and swung itself back to the deck.

Mari hit Iquel with a spell, knocking her prone. Storm ran over and hacked into the prone Captain. Corth did battle with the second mindslicer, cutting it down with an enfeebling strike. Galasis hit the Captain with a thunderwave which sent her right to the edge. Storm ran over to her and plunged his blade into the captain, leaving an “S” mark on her in a humiliating strike (he rolled a critical and did 65 damage, killing her).

Galasis took aim, and thunder rammed the last mindslicer off the side of the ship.

The entangled ships were slowly spinning and sinking. Tok’kit was having trouble keeping the ship aloft. The heroes quickly plotted their next move. They had hoped to send an airship crashing into the githyanki army, but the ship’s speed was too slow to be effective. The ship was powered by a psychic helm, which still kept the ship aloft for 5 hours after it was destroyed.

Tok’kit pointed to the towers on the overhang above Akma’ad. Between the towers was a massive rubble pile, held back from falling over the side with a huge chain. The set-up was meant to be a defense for Akma’ad… but the githyanki occupied the towers.

The heroes were able to separate the ships, with Anjou getting a crash course in flying an airship. They sent The Sacrifice slowly crashing to the earth below, landing behind the githyanki and keeping them in the range of the soon-to-be-falling rubble pile.

Tok’kit brought the Flying Fortress over to the overhang. The heroes disembarked by the western tower. The githyanki guards took action in response. A githyanki mindslicer let out a devastating psychic barrage, wracking three of the heroes (and preventing them from using daily or encounter powers, save ends).

Mari fired off a chaos bolt which rocketed into a warrior, and then crashed into a myrmidon, killing him. Storm made a mad dash across the field, ducking githyanki attacks, trying to make it to the far tower. The heroes hoped that they could pull the levers inside of the towers quickly, catching the githyanki defenders in the collapse.

However, a warrior caught Storm in his telekinetic grasp, immobilizing the razorclaw. Anjou created a storm pillar, and then used a storm strike spell to drag a mindslicer through the pillar. Reshkar charged forward, breathing lightning and tearing into his enemies.

Corth fought a myrmidon, guarding the entrance to the western tower. Corth cut down the githyanki, and made his way inside. A mindslicer was all that was between the paladin and the lever.

Reshkar found himself near the edge. Two githyanki tried to work together, to knock the fighter to the edge and then over the side. The first one shoved, but couldn’t budge the dragonborn. the second one backed up to try, but as he ran forward, Reshkar cut him down.

Corth closed in on the mindslicer, plunging his blade into the githyanki’s chest. Blood spewed forth from the devastating strike (43 points of damage on a critical). Outside, Galasis thunderwaved a githyanki warrior over the side of the overhand.

Storm broke free of his psychic immobilization and ran into the tower. A warrior tried to stop him, but the avenger cut him in half with a devastating blow.

The heroes captured one mindslicer, and tied him up. They placed him right in the path of the rubble. Corth and Storm then pulled the levers (causing Conner aka Corth to make the comment “stop yanking my chain” which tickled my fancy).

Here’s the flavor text for what happened next: “With a tremendous, deafening roar, a cascade of rock—from pebbles the size of a pea to boulders the size of a mule— tumbles down onto the githyanki army massed outside the walls of Akma’ad. At first, all you see is a blinding cloud of dust, but as the wind clears it from the field, you see that hundreds of githyanki troops have been pulverized by the rock, and the rest are scattered or fleeing outright.”

The heroes cheered and rested for a moment. Then they saw a few bands of githyanki still trying to force their way into Akma’ad. Tok’kit lowered the Flying Fortress to the ground. The heroes saw another crashed airship by the western side of Akma’ad. A band of githzerai were gathered around a mindslicer, who appeared to be using a ritual to create a magical entrance int the fortress through a wall.

Reshkar ran forward and breathed lightning, killing three of the githyanki. A githyanki on the crashed ship aimed a ballista at the heroes, but Galasis put a magic missile through its’ head. Storm charged in through the narrow alley, and was surrounded by githzerai. They swung at him again and again, but the avenger ducked and parried all of their blows (the grey die failed me this day~).

Mari cast a Tempest surge, which rolled over the githyanki, brutalizing them. The mindslicer was wracked with agony, and his ritual was interrupted. Corth killed a myrmidon, opening up the alleyway.

The githyanki were reeling. Falling Force 7 had dealt with wave after wave of enemy forces, and still stood strong. Did the githyanki army have any more tricks up their sleeve?

Everyone Should Have: 35,580 XP



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