Scales of War

47. The Githzerai Traitor

9/14/09: Last week the store was closed for Labor Day, marking the second time Scales of War had to miss a week.We ended up starting the most recent fight over…

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Anjou Beurre – Half-Elf Warden Corth, Friend of Falrinth, Betrayer of Troglodytes, Whisperer of Lingering Spirits, Slayer of Sarshan, Harbinger of Critical Strikes, Puller of Chains *- Dragonborn Paladin Galasis – Eladrin Wizard *Mari – Human Sorcerer Reshkar – Dragonborn Fighter Storm – Razorclaw Avenger

Falling Force 7 had just collapsed a hill of boulders onto a githyanki army. Now they were at the base of the githzerai fortress of Akma’ad, killing off those githyanki that still stood.

The heroes saw a group of githzerai around a mindslicer who was performing a passwall ritual on a fortress wall. Nearby was a crashed airship. The heroes charged, and the githyanki rushed to clog the alleyway so that the mindslicer could complete the ritual. The githzerai warriors telekinetically leaped over and behind the heroes, and tore into them with their silver swords.

Anjou let loose a thunder arm assault, blasting back the githyanki in a massive burst (a critical, which allowed Anjou to use the power again as if it wasn’t expended).Anjou then called fortha swirling pillar of light which swirled between the githyanki, causing them pain.

Mari cast a bedeviling burst, sending the githyanki hurling through the pillar, killing one. Galasis teleported onto the tilted, crashed ship. From the deck, he called forth a massive icy hand that wrapped around the mindslicer, interrupting her ritual.

Storm tore through the githyanki and made his way to the mindslicer, and plunged his blade into her. She let out a shriek and wiggled free of the icy hand. She flew up onto the deck where Galasis was.

The eladrin brought the hand up, and it grabbed her again. Storm climbed on board and tore into the mindslicer, killing her. Back on the ground, Mari fired off a chaos bolt that rocketed one githyanki onto Reshkar’s blade, and sent another githyanki toward Corth, who beheaded him.

The heroes heard the sound of fighting on Akma’ad’s eastern side. Without a moment to catch their breath, they ran over and found the remaining githyanki soldiers trying to force their way inse. A band of githzerai stood in the entrance, trying to fight them off.

Mari tried to fire off a spell, but there was a wild surge and she hurtled back 15 and fell to the ground (on a to-hit roll of one, weird things happen to her character). A githyanki soldier broke and charged her. As he brought his sword down, the sorcerer teleported away to avoid some of the blow.

The githzerai surged forward once the heroes arrived, and together they brought down the last of the githyanki raiders.

(I cut this one short because I didn’t like the fight set-up and enough already with the siege! I also came up with horrible joke names for the PCS: Mari = Katamari, Anjou = Banjo, Reshkar = Race car, and my favorite: Corth = Crotch… When Crotch had to heal Race Car, I described as an oil change… oh but I kid the Scales of War mainstays!).

With the githyanki slain, the githzerai emerged from their besieged fortress (in the adventure, they suggest using a victory point system to see how well the PCs did. The heroes got every possible victory point!). Their leader, a blind githzerai called Odos, addressed the situation. Here’s the flavor:

The surviving githzerai, many of them wounded, gatheraround an old blind githzerai who seems as aware of his surroundings as if he could still see. The monk speaks in a rough tone. “We’re alive. I don’t know how they knew we were here, but the cost was high. Too high. Both Kath’ik and Wellik are dead, along with dozens of our brothers and sisters. We lost the abbot and most of the monastery. Our conference is finished. Now I must decide our path.”

With an almost undetectable grimace, the stoic githzerai turns his empty eye sockets toward the lines of dead and wounded. “Gather your belongings. In the morning we travel to Sayre. There is a conference there I am obligated to attend before we depart for home.” He pauses and turns his sightless gaze in your direction. “You aren’t githzerai, but you fought for us. Who are you?”

The heroes, with Tokkit, introduced themselves. The heroes began to talk with Odos. They learned that there had been a meeting of many githzerai leaders from all over, and that githyanki assassins had arrived and killed all of them save Odos. Odos believed there was a traitor that had helped the githyanki. Odos mentioned that one of the assassins had a small glass orb, just like the one the heroes had found on the captain of The Sacrifice.

As the heroes talked, Storm watched Tokkit. Tokkit walked over to a female – Gallia, the githzerai he was in love with. He began speaking to her, but Gallia showed no interest at all. Storm also felt that Gallia seemed entirely unphased by the siege, while the rest of the githzerai struggled to retain their composure.

The heroes headed over to Gallia to speak with her. Corth got in her face, trying to intimidate her, but the heroes pulled him back. They did notice that when Corth mentioned the glass object, her eyes went wide and she motioned for her belt pouch for a moment.

The heroes came up with a plan. Mari and Anjou helped Tokkit brag about fighting the red dragon, while Storm crept up a tried to snatch the pouch from her belt. (His roll on the thievery check… a 20!) Storm snatched it, and inside was another glass orb.

Odos calmly declared that Gallia was the traitor and that she needed to be killed. The heroes protested, and asked to question her. Odos allowed it. Gallia seemed smug and utterly uncaring as to whether they lived or died, despite the “good cop” (Corh) “bad cop” (Reshkar” routine by the heroes.

Galasis immediately realized what was going on. During the Siege fo Overlook, many people had been possessed by githyanki spirits. He walked up to Gallia and began to cut her fingernails off. The githyanki spirit left her body, and Gallia’s shrieks became more real.

Galasis stopped and apologized to her, but said it was necessary to rid her body of the spirit.

Odos was very impressed with the heroes’ work and borught them to a Vault inside Akma’ad. Inside were many githzerai treasures. He gave the heroes magic items as rewards.

The githzerai were told to pack their things, and to ready for a long journey by foot to the town of Sayre, where Odos had some business to attend to.

During the clean-up, Storm trained some of the githzerai in swordlay, and gave one of them his lightning sword.

The heroes and the githzerai then headed into the woods, to make the long, arduous walk to Sayre in search of refuge and aid in the battle against the githyanki.

Everyone should have: 37,163 XP



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