Scales of War

51. The Shield Against the Silver Thread

10/5/09: The group is getting a little too big, so we’ve started planning on splitting into two groups. John Lent would run the other group, and hopefully I can post summaries of those games as well. I believe in a previous summary I mentioned a certain comic book we’ve been staring at as we play. Take a look to the right and tell me what it says on the cover..

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Ark – Eladrin Swordmage Anjou Beurre – Half-Elf Warden Corth, Friend of Falrinth, Betrayer of Troglodytes, Whisperer of Lingering Spirits, Slayer of Sarshan, Harbinger of Critical Strikes, Puller of Chains, Master of Spicy Hobos, Impressor of Scalehammers *- Dragonborn Paladin *Devilock – Tiefling Bard Galasis – Eladrin Wizard Mari – Human Sorcerer Reshkar – Dragonborn Fighter Storm – Razorclaw Avenger

The heroes were meeting with leaders of the major settlements of the region around Sayre. The githyanki was waging a full-scale invasion of the entire continent, maybe the world. The heroes and their friend Amyria was trying to convince the leaders to form a Coalition.

They had taken a lunch break in the Sayre University lecture hall. Mari had just beaten Fariex Scalehammer in a game of Three Dragon Ante.

Devilock had been outside, riling up the University student body. It wasn’t long before he had created two groups of protestors with opposing viewpoints. Satisfied, he entered the lecture hall and joined his allies.

Cedric greeted Devilock and talked about some of their old adventures. Cedric told the heroes about the time when he and Devilock were in the Lost Mines of Karak. Devilock had fallen into a crevasse layered with elemental energy, and Cedric had lowered a rope for him to escape. Devilock climbed out and faced off against Lady Shephatiah the naga, who was perched on her mound of dwarf skulls. Devilock used a blunder song to send the naga hurtling face-fist into a pillar, causing it to collapse.

Once the heroes had killed her, Cedric found a primordial ring amongst the skulls. Cedric showed the heroes the ring and told them that he was all for The Coalition.

Anjou pulled Corth aside,and told him that Ark was not going to make a good leader. Anjou wanted Corth to use his skills of oration to help her. Corth chewed on his sandwich and thought for a moment. Then he said, “As much as I love you, man-lady, Ark bought me this sandwich.”

Devilock headed over to Odos. He and Anjou had the idea that it would be important to have a second-i-command to Ark. dos was immediately suspicious, wondering aloud if Devilock had plans to kill Ark and take his position. But Devilock offered that Odos should be second-in-command.

The githzerai pondered this and pulled a flask out, and took a drink. It was fekk, a bizarre-tasting and very potent githzerai wine. The heroes all wanted a taste, and ended up gagging and almost retching – Devilock, Reshkar and Mari. Anjou sidled up and took a swig.. and smiled. Odos was impressed with the half-elf. She used the opening to try to convince him that he was crucial in the fight against the githyanki. Odos finally agreed.

The adventurers proceeded to approach the other members of the coalition to seek their approval of Odos as second-in-command. Mari talked it over with Fariex, and he agreed to it. Storm approached Inogo, who was drinking quietly, alone. Storm figured that the best way to reel him in was to engage the priest in talk of religion. Inogo, a priest of Valinor the goddess of healing was delighted and warmed up to Storm considerably. Inogo agreed to support Odos.

The meeting was re-convened, and Odos was appointed second-in-command of The Coalition. The next order of business was to decide whether Amyria’s strange dream was worth investigating. She recounted her dream, which involved a huge spider with a web that connected to githzerai and githyanki alike.

Mari reminded the Coalition of the two glass orbs the heroes had found on the githyanki, and that they might be linked. The others piped up as well, and the coalition agreed to look into the dream.

Amyria brought the meeting to the next order of business – a name for the coalition. She suggested either The Order of Heaven’s Fang or The Platinum Shield Coalition. Odos suggested “The Blind who can see”. Lord Divian Torrance, governor of Sayre, suggested “The Sayre Coalition”. Others offered similar self-serving suggestions. The heroes had a few ideas: “Coalition of the Manifold Shield”, “Coalition of the Many-Pointed Star”, “The Shears of Fate”, or “Josh and his Amazing Friend” (suggested by Mari’s familiar, Josh the Snake).

But two names were chosen as favorite: The Shield against the Silver Thread and… Gay for Justice. The heroes began to bicker among themselves over which name to pick. They were split right down the middle. A debate raged.

Team Shield Against the Silver Thread: Anjou, Devilock, Storm and Corth.

Team Gay For Justice: Mari, Reshkar, Ark and Galasis

(Each team took turns in a mini-skill challenge. Whoever won more checks would get their way. In the very likely event of both teams succeeding, I would keep track of how much each team won each check by and add them together. Whoever beat their three checks by more total points would be the winner.)

Mari pointed out “Who doesn’t like chicks making out?”. Anjou responded by claiming that the “Gay For Justice Coalition” would be treated a a joke. Galsis called back to a legendary tale of when Ken Shaneris defended a pass with 100 Black Samurai against a massive army for days (Ken was a hero in the Crystal Bitter campaign). Galasis pointed out that Ken, protector of Marra, universal Goddess of good, died for their freedom to choose whatever name they desired.

Corth countered with a flowery speech, and Devilock supported him with Words of Friendship (a bard power). They made the case that Gay for Justice was simply not a good name for The Coalition – that it was, in fact, laughable.

It was time for closing arguments. Mari walked over to the table and approached Quellenna Estromiel, ruler of Dornaithos and shrewd merchant. Mari began making out with her. he room got sweaty. Men shifted uncomfortably in their seats. All were too stunned to react.

Mari had made a stunningly convincing final argument. (Mari’s team had beaten their combined checks by 36 points after that. Team Silver Thread was at 24 points. they’d need to beat their final check by 12 points to win!)

Corth approached the Coalition and began yelling at them to snap out of it. This was serious business – people were dying! He pounded the table for emphasis. (Corth made an intimidate check… his roll, a natural 20! With that, his team’s total climbed to 43, and they had won!)

The final issue for the Shield Against the Silver Thread to discuss was the githyanki citizen of Sayre, ord Telecanthus, and whether or not to investigate him. Devilock talked to his allies privately, and told them he wasn’t even convinced that the githyanki should be investigated.

Galasis said “He’s a glassblower”. Devilock was not yet convinced. Anjou followed up, laying out the evidence against Telicanthus. He then finished off with a quote from the wall scrawlings in the Vault of knowledge “If we don’t come together, they will surely tear us apart”.

Devilock decided that Telicanthus deserved to be looked into, and even helped convince the Coalition. He made up a bit of a song: “There once was a glassblower from Sayre, who had tunnels under his lair.

The Coalition was quickly convinced, and voted to have the heroes investigate. The heroes realized that the timing was great, as they were scheduled to visit Lord Telicanthus’ mansion in a couple hours for tea. The Coalition called it a day, and the heroes headed into Sayre to prepare for the tea party. Corth picked up a top hat and monocle. Anjou and Mari and bought dresses previously. Galasis used prestidigitation to blast the dirt and scum off of him.

As they shopped, Anjou pondered the dream and the writings on the walls of the vault of knowledge. She was trying to piece together what it all meant. She had asked members of the coalition about the mention of dwarves and a tower. The most prominent tower in Sayre, they explained, was a monument signifying where the home of Auglos the Seer once stood in Auger. the tower had an ever-burning flame on it that homeles people would try to cextinguish for money, and fall off the tower and cripple themselves.

The dwarves, they explained, kept to themselves, living in the Low District.

A carriage was sent for them. The heroes climbed in. They passed the tower, known as the Pillar of Hope Reborn. Devilock tossed out coins to the homeless who congregated there.

The heroes arrived at Telicanthus’ mansion.Telicanthus greeted them at the door. Ark demanded that Pennel, Telicanthus’ assistant, announce his arrival.Pennel did as instructed, calling out “Ladies and gentlemen, Ark Kane of the Sayre University has arrived. Lady Isabella, Archdean of the University, looked on in confusion.

Corth also asked to be introduced.. Pennel did: “Corth, Friend of Falrinth, Betrayer of Troglodytes, Whisperer of Lingering Spirits, Slayer of Sarshan, Harbinger of Critical Strikes, Puller of Chains, Master of Spicy Hobos, Impressor of Scalehammers has arrived!”

the heroes were walked around and introduced to the party-goers, all high-ranking citizens of Sayre.

Galasis walked over the the Archdean, a beautiful, middle-aged magical scholar.. She asked him if he was a war hero, and he began to tell her of his adventures defending Overlook. He could almost see her swooning. They then talked monster dissection and alchemical theories. It wasn’t long before Galasis was setting up a clandestine meeting with he, set for midnight.

Devilock spoke with the tiefling head of the guards, who revealed that Telicanthus had asked his patrols to steer clear of the mansion “as not to disturb his work”.

Storm slipped into a dark hallway, and began to creep around the mansion to learn more about Telicanthus. He crept through a few different rooms, and stumbled into the kitchen. Storm quickly told them he was a new employee. They put him to work. He learned that the cooks routinely made lots of extra food every day – for who, noone was certain.

Ark chatted with Baranor the Black, Telicanthus’ neighbor. Baranor was an old man who used an ear horn to help his hearing. He said that his knee was aching badly. Ark helped him with his knee. Baranor thanked him, and explained that he was an adventurer in his youth. He told a story about how he was riding a griffon, and helped another griffon give birth in midair. A dragon flew up and interrupted them, and Baranor kicked it in the face. It plummeted to the earth below. Baranor swooped down and found the dragon’s horde, which he’s been living off ever since.

Ark had heard of Baranor, but wondered if this particular story was true.Anjou and Devilock spotted Pennel pocketing a key. Lord Divian Torrance chatted with Mari, and subtly indicated that Pennel was one to be watched, and that the key was important.

Devilock and Anjou tricked Pennel, telling him that the lavatory was a disaster and needed attention. When Pennel came out into the vestibule to investigate, Anjou used her sash to grab him and drag him in. She and Devilock beat him and tied him up. They took his key. They watched the normally reserved and pale fellow gain a psychotic glam in his eyes. He swore to bite out their throats.

Storm had returned to the main hall. he heroes handed him the key. Storm crept back out into the mansion and found the door that the key unlocked – it lead to Pennel’s office. In there, he found a key to Telicanthus’ office. He snuck into the office, and found that the room seemed asymmetrical. He suspected that one wall with a mirror on it concealed a secret room.

The other heroes pretended their friend was drunk and stumbled into the hall. They joined Storm. They figured out that glass shards on Telicanthus’ desk could be used on the mirror, which rippled and allowed passage into the secret hallway beyond. The hallway lead down into a secret, excavated tunnel complex.

The heroes explored, and found that it lead to a larger chamber, where a number of githyanki were resting. Storm was up ahead, and tried to sneak in without being noticed. The githyanki jumped up and shouted in alarm. Storm phased through a wall, running past the githyanki and into a side tunnel, where he emerged and attacked a mindslicer.

The heroes rushed down the hall to aid their friend. Mari dropped a tempest spell that pummeled the githyanki. (At this point, some pondered what the symbol of Gay for Justice would have been. It was decided that the symbol would have been a five-headed dragon breathing rainbows~).

Galasis sent a fireball into the room, further devastating the githyanki.the mindslicer tried to back away from Storm, but the avenger cut a huge slice out of its’ side. Blood began spewing everywhere as he slammed into the wall from the force of the blow (a critical for 54 points of damage).

Mari launched a chaos storm in the room, whcih the githyanki were packed into. Over the course of 9 seconds, the githyanki were bathed in pain from spell after spell. Anjou raced in and jumped onto a table. She cast a thundersmash spell that knocked most of the githyanki to the ground. Galasis cast forceful retort, which sent them flying to the corners of the room. He followed it up with a thunderlance that killed one and sent another one rolling down a wide tunnel.

Reshkar rushed in and cleved a pack of guthyanki, cutting one down and wounding others,. MAri cast mindhammer, which killed another. Galsis used his staff to cave in another’s skull.

The githyanki in the wide hall took one look at the slaughter and ran deeper in. Devilock spoke deep speech, and so he understood when the githyanki shouted “intruders! Quickly, we need help!”The bard ran after him through the wide tunnel, which opened up into a chamber conaining an old tower that once stood in the city of Auger….

Everyone should have: 43,828 XP



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