Scales of War

52. The Bitter Glass

_10/12/09: This is exactly one year after I first started running Scales of War at the Den! I’d say we have over another year to go. _

RPGA Sanctioning #: 09-10-2079671

Ark – Eladrin Swordmage Anjou Beurre – Half-Elf Warden Corth, Friend of Falrinth, Betrayer of Troglodytes, Whisperer of Lingering Spirits, Slayer of Sarshan, Harbinger of Critical Strikes, Puller of Chains, Master of Spicy Hobos, Impressor of Scalehammers *- Dragonborn Paladin *Galasis – Eladrin Wizard Mari – Human Sorcerer Reshkar – Dragonborn Fighter *Storm *- Razorclaw Avenger

The heroes were in a cave complex beneath Lord Telicanthus’ mansion, searching for evidence that Telicanthus was an ally of the invading githyanki army. They had found a band of githyanki resting below, and attacked. One githyanki ran into a large chamber beyond, and the heroes pursued.

In the larger chamber was an old tower of the ancient city of Auger. More githyanki lurked, ready to fight the heroes. Mari ran into the chamber and blasted the githyanki with a tempest surge. The githyanki charged her, knocking her to the ground. Warriors quickly blocked the tunnel, cutting off the heroes from the sorcerer. A githyanki brought a silver sword down on her, but Mari teleported deeper into the chamber to avoid the strike. A Mindslicer cast n unstable balance spell in the midst of the group, knocking them to the ground.

Storm surged forward, plunging his blade into the githyanki who was blocking the tunnel, causing a gushing wound (a critical). Anjou, prone, used her earthstirde ability to meld into the earth and re-appear by the tower. She then created a storm pillar, and dragged the githyanki into it with a storm strike spell.

Mari cast Dragonfrost to swap Storm and the mindslicers’ positions. storm was now past the hallway, and set his sights on Kl’esh, a githyanki mindslicer who was trying to get into the tower to get reinforcements. Ark teleported into the chamber and tore into the githyanki.

Mari had just gotten to her feet when a githyanki warrior charged her and cut into her with his silver sword. She backed away, doing her best to parry the blows, but the githyanki charged again and cut into the sorcerer.

Storm pursued Kl’esh, and used sequestering strike to teleport the gith into a side cave. Storm proceeded to enter the cave and beat the bejeezus out of Kl’eth. Corth called forth a hallowed circle as Galasis killed a gith with an icy ray. Reshkar tore into the githyanki, bloodying multiple opponents with a single strike. A githyanki tried to break away to aid Kl’esh, but Reshar, Anjou and Ark all cut him down before he took a second step.

Corth made his way toward Mari, and cast radiant delirium, causing the gith to seize in pain. Anjou used her thorn vines to drag the gith away from her. Reshkar cut off the gith’s leg and watched as he bled to death. Storm cut Kl’esh in two, and Ark burned the final githyanki to death.

The heroes rested for a few minutes, studying the tower. Then, they entered. Inside, the floor sloped down to reveal a large chamber containing a huge, hovering glass ball. there was also a pit and a glassblowing furnace. (The players commented that it’s not often that a d adventure revolves around Evil Glassblowers).

The heroes waited on the far side of the pit while Storm crept across to check out the globe. There were stairs on either side that led to a door-like carving in two sides of the globe. Storm headed up the stairs and opened the door. Inside were 4 chanting githyanki on a glass bridge. The interior of the globe was an array of lights and psychic energy.

The githyanki were startled, and stopped chanting disrupting the ritual. They looked panicked, both at the intrusion, and of what the bitter glass was about to do due to the interruption.

Storm shouted that the re was trouble. Reshkar and others ran across the bridge to aid the avenger. Mari crossed and fired off a chaos bolt at the glass. To her dismay, it seemed to absorb her magic entirely.The Bitter Glass then responded, sending out a massive wave of psychic energy. The heroes reeled as thousands of githyanki voices and thoughts chattered away in their minds (they took 2d8+5, ongoing 5, and were dazed. The device did this every round!).

The githyanki poured of both sides of the glass, intent on defending their device. Reshkar began trading blows with the gith on the far side. Storm slipped inside the glass and began pounding away at it,. He found that while the exterior glass walls were magically protected, the interior was vulnerable to attacks.

Mari checked out the glassblowing furnace, and found it to be incredibly hot (those who entered its’ squares took 4d8+5!). She shouted out to her allies the information, and Falling Force began plotting ways to heave their enemies on or into the furnace.

Galasis, on the ledge next to the Bitter Glass blasted a gith with a spectral ram. The githyanki frantically caught himself from going over the ledge, dangling 20 feet above the cavern floor.

A gith rushed into the glass, panicked that Storm was trying to break it. He shoved the avenger off the glass bridge, sending him hurtling to the base of the glass globe. Anjou was nearby, and used her vines to throw the gith off the bridge as well.

Galasis teleported into the glass and on the bridge. As a gith tried to pursue him, he sent a thunderlance into the gith’s chest that sent him hurtling out of the glass, off the ledge and crashing into the cavern wall. Galasis began studying the Bitter Glass, to see if he could find a way to stp the psychic pulses that were severely injuring his allies.

In the base of the glass, Storm and the gith traded blows. The gith telekinetically leapt up to the bridge, but Storm sent a radiant beam of vengeance through his back, killing him. (I then noticed that my specially-prepared, pre-drawn poster map of the chamber looked pathetically small when placed on top of the Den’s huge grid map. It was like thinking you had a sweet package and then going to the zoo and seeing an elephant penis. An elephant pee stream alone is as thick as a two liter bottle. It was pointed out that some elephants even have moss growing on their genitals, which may or may not be pleasurable for the recipient of said penis).

The heroes seemed to have things in hand, as Corth plunged his blade into a prone gith, killing it. But then, the tower doors swung open, and 6 gith ran in, followed by Lord Telicanthus himself, and his lackey, Pennel. Lord Telicanthus surveyed the area and said “You rudely deserted my tea party, you’ve found m device, and you dangled my man Pennel over a toilet! You’ll all be killed for this, and no-one will ever find out how”.

Inside the glass, Galasis countered the energy of the glass, and found that he could suppress its’ emanations as long as he focused. Anjou ran toward the new faction and called forth a storm pillar. Telicanthus chuckled and told Pennel to take care of her. Pennel held out his hand, calling forth crystalline vines which wrapped around Anjou and tossed her into the pit! Anjou plummeted 30 feet and was hurt bad. Mari, on the ledge, tried to shatter the glass. She sent a chaos bolt into it, which rocketed into the glass, then skittered out and into a mindslicer, and then settled in the face of a githyanki warrior.

Anjou storm stepped out of the pit and next to Pennel. Lying on her back, she used her vines to drag him closer to her hands. Then, activating her giant gloves, she flung Pennel soaring over the pit and onto the furnace! Pennel screamed in agony as the furnace burned him badly. Telicanthus chuckled and said “I love the way you scream, Pennel, you sound like such a girl!”. Telicanthus then used a power of his called Force Switch, which he used to teleport Anjou onto the furnace and Pennel back to his side. Telicanthus continued to tease Pennel as Anjou shrieked and then fell unconscious from the agonizing pain (she was at -15). Ark used his lightning lure to drag his friend off of the furnace. A mindlicer then used a psychic blast to drop Ark to the ground.

Storm emerged from the bitter glass, having climbed up and out onto the bridge. He ran and jumped over the pit, landing directly in front of Telicanthus. He sliced into Telicanthus, but watched in shock as Pennel reeled from the damage instead. Telicanthus nodded and said “Pennel is so loyal..” he admired Storm the shifter for a moment, and said “You have such a shiny coat. You might be fun to take to parties. You could be the new Pennel!” Pennel glared angrily as Telicanthus psychically dominated Storm and forced him to jump back over the pit and charge his friends.

Reshkar was a literal rain of steel, cutting into a swarm of githyanki. He cut down a warrior and moved out toward the pit. Pennel took notice, and used his crystal vines to drag the dragonborn over the side of the pit. Reshkar landed with a thud.

Ark suddenly awoke (he rolled a 20 on his death save!). Storm took a swing at him, which Ark ducked. Storm was so shocked at what he had done, that he was able to shake off the influence of Telicanthus. They looked around the field and saw many of their friends lying on the ground, bleeding and dying.

Reshkar was in the pit, trying to figure out how best to climb up. He became concerned that he’d be an easy target. as he climbed up and out. Then he realized – he didn’t have to get out. He could bring them in. He pulled out the gem of Chillreaver, and activated it. He could feel it dragging his enemies to the edge of the pit.As his blood ran cold with the magic of the two-headed dragon, he wondered if even the dragon’s power would be enough to save his friends…



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