Scales of War

53. Pennel's Last Stand

10/18/09: The fight with Telicanthus took the whole session! We were able to finish the adventure, which IMO was awesome, and will jump into a quick delve for the next week or two to get everyone to 14th level. Connor is thinking of switching out Corth for a new character.. possibly the Son of Corth…

RPGA Sanctioning #: 09-10-2086915

Ark – Eladrin Swordmage Anjou Beurre – Half-Elf Warden Corth, Friend of Falrinth, Betrayer of Troglodytes, Whisperer of Lingering Spirits, Slayer of Sarshan, Harbinger of Critical Strikes, Puller of Chains, Master of Spicy Hobos, Impressor of Scalehammers – Dragonborn Paladin Galasis – Eladrin Wizard Mari – Human Sorcerer Reshkar – Dragonborn Fighter Storm – Razorclaw Avenger

Falling Force 7 was in a cave complex beneath Lord Telicanthus’ mansion. Inside was The Bitter Glass, a hub of planar communication. The githyanki were using the glass to psychically communicate to each other, aiding in co-ordinating the attacks all over the world of Dracos.

Corth had fallen in a pit, as had Reshkar. As the paladin lied, dying, Reshkar used his Chillreaver gem, forging a stronger bond with the great dragon and using its’ power to drag the githyanki closer and closer to the pit.

Telicanthus’ slavish, psychotic human lackey Pennel used his crystal vine spell to drag Anjou and Storm to the edge of the pit. The vines tore into Storm’s skin, dropping the avenger, bloody and dying.

Mari cast a contagious curse spell, which dragged Telicanthus into the pit. Mari ran to the edge and cast chromatic orb at the githyanki before he could get his bearings, but the orb missed its’ mark.

Meanwhile, inside the glass, Galasis began to understand its’ inner workings. He figured out a trick that could delay the glass’ pyschic pulses longer, which would give him opportunities to aid his friends, all of whom were in a very bad way (he rolled a natural 20 on his check.. I ruled that for each 20, he could suppress it for an additional round). In the pit, Corth coughed up blood and died.His confused friend, Cajun Meatshield, stood outside the lair studying rock formations.

Telicanthus whimpered as Anjou and Reshkar closed in on him. He shouted “Pennel! Get down here at once!”. Pennel sighed, and jumped 30 feet down and landed with a sickening thud. He dusted himself off and fired off more crystal strands, which wrapped around the heroes’ necks and dragged them away from Pennel’s githyanki master.

Above the pit, two bloodied githyanki charged Mari. But as they swung their silver swords, she teleported to avoid their swipes. Mari then called forth a chaos storm which killed a githyanki and badly hurt the other. Ark was nearby, dueling a mindslicer. Galasis stepped out of the glass, firing off icy ray spells at the villain. A mindslicer entered the glass from the far side and charged through, cutting Galasis.

In the pit, Reshkar charged Telicanthus and struck him with his voidcrystal blade. Pennel magically absorbed the damage and its’ effect – Pennel was sucked into a pocket dimension. Telicanthus frantically shouted for Pennel as the dragonborn loomed over him.

Ark was faring poorly against the mindslicer, while a githyanki closed in on Mari. The pair found themselves back-to-back. Ark used his lightning lure to yank the mindslicer off the 20 foot-high platform where it and Galasis were fighting. The githyanki rolled all the way down the stairs and was badly injured, but still a threat. Mari and Ark shouted “Gay for Justice!”, and Mari fired off a chaos bolt that blew through the chest of her githyanki enemy, then through the face of the mindslicer fighting Ark, and the sank into the heart of the githyanki who had just fallen down the stairs (yes, she killed three non-minion enemies with a single chaos bolt!).

Pennel emerged from the pocket dimension, andran over to help Telicanthus. He dragged Anjou away from the githyanki. Anjou turned and plunged her spear into Pennel, who coughed up blood, gasping for air. Telicanthus shouted “Don’t you die, Pennel! I command it! You’re my best friend!”. Pennel did as he was told (Telicnathus has an aura that allows allies to be reduced to 0 and stay up until they take more damage). Telicanthus cast a mindhammer on Anjou that blasted her into the near future (a critical, sending her 4 rounds into the future).

A glowing rift opened next to Pennel – it was a creation of Galasis from inside the glass, which would allow him to send spells through. Telicanthus began to tear up and said “Pennel, I promise once this is dealt with, I will treat you better!” But then a spell rocketed from the rift that sent Pennel stumbling back onto Reshkar’s blade. As the blade penetrated through Pennel’s torso, he looked at his githyanki master and said “Telicanthus, I…” Storm suddenly leapt down into the rift, and plunged his blade into Pennel, killing him. (and I had successfully mortified everyone at the table hahaha).

Inside the Bitter Glass, Galasis was continuing to understand how it worked (he rolled another 20, allowing him to only have to suppress it every three rounds).

Telicanthus went into a rage, firing off mindhammer blasts to anyone he saw. He struck Storm with one, dropping the avenger. Galasis sent a magic missile through the rift, pummelling Telicanthus. He shook it off, and mindhammered Reshkar, dropping the warrior to the cavern floor.

Ark jumped down into the pit and faced off against Telicanthus, but he too fell to a mindhammer. Half the party was down and dying in the pit. Anjou re-appered, bbut quickly was dropped by a mindhammer. Mari and Galsis were the only heroes conscious!

Galsis sent an ice storm into the pit, covering the githyanki in frost. Telicanthus took to the air (he had fly (clumsy) 6!). Ark and Anjou suddenly awoke with a start (they both rolled 20’s on their death saves!). Galasis called him out, shouting “You’ve only dealt with my minions, now take me on!”. Telicanthus flew over and mindhammered Mari, dropping her. He advanced on Galsis as Ark and Anjou quietly climbed up the pit wall.

Galasis stared down at Telicanthus from his perch 20 feet up. Anjou teleported from the pit wall next to Telicanthus and shouted “Surprise, cock fag!” and hacked into the noble. Telicnathus stumbled forward, desperately casting mindhammers at Anju and Galasis. Anjou was struck in the chest and hurtled to the edge of the pit. Galasis was blasted off the ledge, and fell dead.

Ark turned invisible and pulled himself over the side of the pit. Anjou got up and was in a flanking position. Anjou sent vines forth from her spear, which wrapped around Telicanthus. She tossed him over the side, but the crafty villain grabbed onto the edge to stop from falling. He pulled himself and knocked Anjou unconscious with a mindhammer.

Ark became visibile and faced off against Lord Telicanthus, who mocked the heroes’ attempt to stop him. Ark said “We’re here to stop save the world from evil like you!” Ark swung, but he githyanki ducked and hit Ark with a fatal mindhammer. All of Falling Force 7 were on the ground, dead or dying.

And then, Cajun Meatshield wandered in. He was baffled, but knew that his friends needed help. He whipped a shuriken into Telicanthus and began trying to revive the heroes with potions. He revived Anjou, who valiantly fought Telicanthus as Cajun ran around the bitter glass and revived Galasis.

Telicanthus dropped Anjou and headed up to the 20 foot-high ledge that provided access to the Bitter Glass. Ark suddenly came to (yes he rolled three 20’s on death saves in this fight!). Ark charged up the steps and tore into the villain, who was covered in bloody wounds. Galasis blasted Telicanthus with a thunderwave spell, which knocked him teetering on the edge. Cajun took aim and flung a final shuriken into Telicanthus’ neck, at last dropping the githyanki.

Telicanthus laid gasping on the ledge. His final words: “Pennel, I’m coming…” and then he was no more.



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